Betrayal by a friend can be a deadly thing, especially when the delicacy of a woman is involved. The tale of Alexi Karnokovski and the Bay of Pigs is just that. While it is widely believed that the Soviets were aware of the planned invasion, it has yet to be determined publicly how this may have occurred.

It was the year 1931 and a youthful Russian boy by the name of Alexi was about to attend his first day of high school at the Choate School in Wallingford Connecticut. Born to a rich Russian family, his parents thought it was best for him to attend a high-class all-boys school during this important time in his life.

Another young boy was also getting ready for his first day at the Choate school. His name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy and he was less then thrilled by the idea. Little did either of them know that they would soon become fast friends.

Alexi found John’s trouble-making ways to be endearing, although he was always the one to be a tad more cautious. The two were inseparable, always there for each other. Following graduation, Alexi decided to become a U.S. citizen and work his way into the CIA. With a couple of phone calls and nods here and there, John was able to help make this happen.

As the years went on John traveled and joined the military, and Alexi was creating a very successful life for himself as an agent. Soon, World War II (WWII) began and the dynamics of the world’s powers began to shift. Just as it was coming to an end, the Cold War began and tensions between the U.S. and Soviet Russia were strained beyond repair. While in the U.S., Alexi was thoroughly questioned about his contacts in Russia, but all he had left there was elderly parents. His relationship to the Kennedy family also helped to keep him in the clear.

It was around the year 1951 when Alexi met Jackie Lee Bouvier. John was back from his military ventures, but busy with politics, and Alexi had met his soulmate. They became engaged and everything was going wonderfully, until Jackie met John. It was at a dinner party that the two finally met, and the result was magnetic. Jackie and John instantly hit it off, while Alexi watched as his most sacred confident and best friend swept the love of his life from under his feet.

It took a full year for Alexi to recover. He hid his disdain from John, but found himself capsizing in hatred. As the years past, John’s success grew. The press tormented Alexi and all of the attention Kennedy was receiving was just a constant reminder of betrayal. As the American people began to embrace John, Alexi felt more shunned and he found himself thinking the unthinkable. While Soviet Russia was deep in the cold war with the U.S. Alexi began feeling nostalgic and embraced the idea of helping his home country. By the time John was elected President of the United States, Alexi had become a double agent, working for the U.S. CIA and Soviet KGB.

Prior to John’s appointment, the U.S. Government had decided to take down Fidel Castro’s government in Cuba. Eisenhower had already approved the documents, and the objective was to produce CIA trained rebels that would topple Castro’s regime, without it appearing as if the U.S. had anything to do with it.

Alexi was aware of these plans, and relayed the information to the Soviets. A few months following Kennedy’s inauguration, the Bay of Pigs Invasion was enacted. Despite the training that was provided to the Cuban rebellion troops, the plan failed miserably. Word had broken out days prior to the attack that Cuba was well aware of the planned invasion, and yet the U.S. attempted to push through anyway. Castro’s government was well prepared and was able to successfully stop the rebellion militia. In Alexi’s anger and resentment toward John, and the American people in support of him, he had managed to make a fool of the U.S. government.

Unfortunately for Alexi, his hatred had consumed him and thus ended him. In order to gain the information he needed about the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and his role as key informer to the KGB, Alexi’s presence in Cuba became obvious. He was violently murdered following the event.